My Somewhat Tamer Alter Ego

In addition to erotic romance, I write paranormals as Tori Minard. You can find my main blog (I don’t post very often) at

I went back and forth over whether or not to talk about my two romance writing sides, because as Tessa I get to write stuff that some people find offensive, and as Tori I try to play nice. Sort of. My paranormals are not as raw as the erotic romance, but they still have power dynamics that interest me, which generally means people aren’t always kind or ethical and sometimes there’s some abuse of power that has to be rectified in the course of the story.

I don’t much care for stories where everyone’s almost always very nice. There’s just not enough tension for me unless people are really in conflict with each other. The Tessa Tremaine material is where I push the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable in fiction. I make myself uncomfortable when I write this stuff, but that’s what makes it exciting. It wouldn’t be as thrilling to write if it were easy and safe.

In my paranormals, I go into material that’s not as overtly sexual, but I still look at power, trust and respect in almost every book.

Below are my covers for my Legends Of A Dark Empire series, which is about vampires. Some of the secondary characters are fae, and they have their own series, The Amaki, in which I’m planning to write a few more books very soon.

New Dark Empire Complete banner

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  1. Fae and vampires… ooh! I likey :)

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